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Plant life of the Farm

Blue Dasher Farm believes that along with livestock, plant life plays a crucial role on the farm, even the weeds!

The plant life of Blue Dasher farm is critical and fundamental in who we are. They play a role in supporting the livestock, supporting soil health, creating a functional and healthy ecosystem, and also provide food and products that we are able to eat, use and sell. 

Prairie-July 07, 2021-2021.jpg

Our Farm

Major players in the plant team: 

-cutflower gardens

-apple & plum orchard

-raspberry patch

-elderberry pass

-mini vini (small grape vineyard)

-home production vegetables and various other fruit

-various herbs and flowers

-a baby "jams & jellies" permaculture orchard in the making


The plants and animals work together:

Our farm feeds and supplies ourselves, our families and our communities with many goods and nutritious foods. It also helps us introduce a generation to farming and with livestock integrated into the system. 

But did we mention how much fun we have with these guys? 

Meet The Team

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