April 16, 2016

One year ago the Blue Dasher Farm Initiative was born from an idea and a sense of need. There were no names, no logos, no websites, no crowdfunding. There was no press, no internet trolls. Not even an address. Jenna and I had never owned or operated an independent business (at least not one that we would rely on for income), never managed our own farm. My laboratory team remained strong and intact, but it was clear to most that things were coming to a close. The previous year, my supervisors had decided that the science wasn’t worth the political price, and the end of things was inevitable. So on a 19 hour car trip from Pennsylvania, driving toward certain punishment for doing my job, I began to consider alternatives more seriously.

The idea was that too often science from large research institutions was following rather than leading the innovation in food production. Over the previous several years, I had met some of the most remarkable farmers, ranchers, and beekeepers.