Where Research, Education, and Demonstration Converge to Support the regeneration of Agriculture.


Our Mission:


     Develop and evaluate ecologically based pest and farm management solutions that reduce disturbance and increase biodiversity in crop and livestock production.


     Promote regenerative farming practices through teaching and outreach programs focused on educating farmers, the community, and the next generation of scientists.


     Demonstrate the feasibility of current and novel regenerative agricultural practices on a functional farm to showcase the viability and sustainability of  regenerative agriculture.


Bedford has helped accomplish over 200 of its partners’ major conservation goals. They inspire everyone to care for the planet.
— John Smith, Nature Conservancy Magazine


The credibility of the Blue Dasher relies heavily on out ability to show that we can support our family and the families of our farm staff entirely from farm-generated revenues. We raise livestock, grow crops, and tend bee hives. Our lively hood depends on our success. We want to take the wind out of the argument "that may work on a research farm, but it would not work on my place." We will gladly compare our profitability to other more conventional operations. Farmers are more likely to listen to messages from someone who can demonstrate an ability to successfully implement these practices.



Although Blue Dasher is a for-profit enterprise, our mission is to help promote the regenerative agriculture movement. We strive to be financially solvent while farming in a sustainable way. We intend to post a financial summary each year of our costs and revenues, providing essential information to others who are considering our way of farming. As with any new business, mistakes may happen but we will use these as essential learning opportunities. We will communicate what works, what doesn't, and ways to move forward via blog entries and face-to-face presentations.



We can grow food AND conserve the environment. That is our vision. Blue Dasher Farm is well situated for investigating the practices and farming systems that are adapted to the northern plains and upper Midwest. Over the next several years, we will expand our Deuel county South Dakota farm 50 to a few hundred acres. Simultaneously, we hope to establish a network of research, education, and demonstration farms throughout the country that will promote our mission while accounting for different geographical variations and circumstances.