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About Us

Our Story

We are an operating regenerative farm and scientific research hub designed to help foster a revolution in our food system. In addition to conducting science, we are also raising honey, eggs, lamb, and pork for sale to help support our research. We do home delivery in Brookings and the surrounding area, and can ship honey around the country.

Our Mission


Develop and evaluate ecologically based pest and farm management solutions that reduce disturbance and increase biodiversity in crop and livestock production.


     Promote regenerative farming practices through teaching and outreach programs focused on educating farmers, the community, and the next generation of scientists.


     Demonstrate the feasibility of current and novel regenerative agricultural practices on a working farm to showcase the viability and sustainability of  regenerative agriculture.


We can grow food AND conserve the environment. That is our vision. Blue Dasher Farm is well situated for investigating the practices and farming systems that are adapted to the northern plains and upper Midwest. Over the next several years, we plan on expanding our fifty acre Deuel County South Dakota farm to a few hundred acres. Simultaneously, we hope to establish a network of research, education, and demonstration farms throughout the country that will promote our mission while accounting for different geographical variations and circumstances.  



Although Blue Dasher is a for-profit enterprise, our mission is to help promote the regenerative agriculture movement. We strive to be financially solvent while farming in a sustainable way. We know how important transparency is to everyone and it is something we pride ourselves on. We believe that transparency is a trait that is hard to come by in these modern times, and as we move forward, we make it perfectly clear in which direction we are going. To that end, we host annual public events during which we thoroughly go over our practices. We are always happy to answer any questions the public may have, and you can connect with us through the contact page on this website.


The credibility of the Blue Dasher Farm relies heavily on our ability to show that we can support our family from farm-generated revenues. We raise livestock, grow crops, and tend bee hives. Our livelihood depends on our success. We want to take the wind out of the argument "that may work on a research farm, but it would not work on my place." 

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