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Our Work

Blue Dasher Farm

Blue Dasher Farm works to regenerate the soil and the land we are housed on. Our farm is diverse and multi-faceted, ranging from larger production to smaller. We produce meat, eggs, honey, and home products to our community. One of our most important products in the next generation of farmers and scientists, learning the right questions to ask and reconnecting with the land and our food system. 


The farm houses:

- ~60  bee hives

- 50-60 hair sheep and their lambs

- ~150 chickens for both meat and egg production

- 10+ ducks for egg production

- seasonal turkeys for meat production

- geese and peacocks for guarding and egg production

- 2 alpacas for fiber

- 4 kunekune pigs for farrowing and land management

- seasonal heritage feeder pigs for meat production

- cut flower gardens

- apple/plum orchard

- small vineyard ("mini vini")

- 3 small crop fields for rotational use of crops, grazing and forage

- ~25 acres of native unbroken prairie


Blue Dasher Farm is also the home base for the non-profit research organization Ecdysis Foundation. One of the most important roles of Blue Dasher Farm is to be a training ground and hands-on experience in farming and food for this next generation of scientists, researchers, and farmers. Our research spans the United States and Canada to compare the differences in outcomes from conventional farming practices and regenerative practices. 

Visit the Ecdysis website for more information! 

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