Our Team

Meet the team that helps run the farm.


 Jonathan Lundgren

Position: Director/CEO

Degree: PhD Entomology Illinois, Msc. Entomology UMN, Bsc   Biology UMN

Hometown: Lakeville, MN

Dream Job: Monk

Cybernetic Enhancement: Prehensile tail. For grabbing, swinging, and insect collection.


Mike Bredeson

Position: Scientist

Degree: PhD Biology SDSU, Msc Biology SDSU, Bsc Biology SDSU

Hometown: Litchfield, MN

Dream Job: Boundary Waters Canoe area campsite tester.

Cybernetic Enhancement:   

"Discretely concealed" jet for flying.


Ryan Schmid

Position: Scientist

Degree: PhD Entomology K-State, Msc Biology SDSU, Bsc Microbiology and Biology SDSU  

Hometown: Elkhorn Township, IA

Dream Job: Indiana Jones

Bucket List Item:

Find Sasquatch


Kelton Welch

Position: Research Entomologist

Degree: PhD Entomology University of Kentucky, B.S. Integrative Biology BYU

Hometown: Newton, IA

Dream Job: This One!

Bucket List Item: Upload my Mind to the Internet


Alex Michels

Position: Graduate Student

Degree: Bsc Biology at USD, Pursuing Msc Wildlife and Fisheries Science at SDSU

Hometown: Alvord, IA

Dream Job: Master Tree Climber

Bucket List Item: Become Adopted into a Pack of Wolves


Roger Brown

Position: Maintenance Man, Gopher

Degree: UH60-PIC, FL, AMC, MTP, ME, NVG UT, HS

Hometown: Aurora, IL

Dream Job: Work with Nolan cleaning the ocean.

Cybernetic Enhancement: I currently have knee, shoulder and hearing.


Elizabeth Adee

Position: Minion

Degree: Bsc. Horticulture

Hometown: Toronto, SD

Dream Job: Explorer

Bucket List Item: Dive With a Whale Shark


Julia Stueven

Position: Technician

Degree: Bsc. Wildlife and Fisheries SDSU

Hometown: Pierre, SD

Dream Job: Wildlife Vet.

Bucket List Item: Cage Diving With Great White Sharks


Tia Busenitz

Position: Intern

Degree: Pre-Med Biology WCU

Hometown: Asheville North Carolina

Dream Job: Entomologist or Astronaut

Bucket List Item: Get A GIant Piece of Paper, Fold it into a Paper Boat and Sail it Down the River.


Jay Skaar

Position: Technician

Degree: Wildlife and Fisheries, and Agricultural Sciences SDSU

Hometown: Hayward, MN

Dream Job: Taxidermist with a small Farming/Ranching Operation

Bucket List Item: Elk Hunting


Nolan Ryne

Position: Technician

Degree: Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences SDSU

Hometown: Columbus, Ne

Dream Job: Ocean Cleaner

Bucket List Item: Fishing for Zander


Gabby Lundgren

Position: Research Assistant

Degree: not applicable

Hometown: Burnsville

Dream Job: Pet Store Owner


Kirstyn Loyva

Position: Intern

Degree: Bsc. Microbiology, Spanish UWL

Hometown: Savage MN

Dream Job: Mad Scientist

Bucket List Item: Visit All 50 States


Amy Heibult

Position: Intern

Degreee: As. Landscape Design Southeast Tech., Pursuing Bio. at SMSU

Hometown: Tyler, MN

Dream Job: Plant Taxonomist

Bucket List Item: Go to Redwood National Forest


Pauline reby

Position: Intern

Degree: Agriculture, Purpan FR

Hometown: Bordeaux, France

Dream Job: Work in South African Wild Animal Reserve

Bucket List Item: Bungee Jumping

Past Employees


Kassidy Whethers


Jacob Pecenka


Sierra Stendahl


Alec Peterson


juliet paineau


Nicole shultz


Clare LaCanne

Amy Lieferman


Alex Nikolas

Trevor Regas

Mackenzie Mattern